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Tips for Finding Affordable Insurance in Minnesota

  • Troy Thompson at Pinnacle Insurance of MN may be able to help you find the best insurance rates in Minnesota. By using a local Twin Cities insurance agent, you have someone to contact to ask questions, review coverage and help you at claim time.
  • Think about combining your car and home insurance together for more savings. A lot of insurance carriers that provide insurance coverage in Minnesota, and more specifically, may provide you with discounts as high as 20% or higher once you combine your insurance policies with just one company. Give Troy Thompson a call at 763-767-2323/612-408-9000(cell) or drop by at 10081 Dogwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN for more information.
  • If you own a home in Minnesota, you may be able to lower your property insurance premiums simply by raising your homeowner’s deductible. Your insurance company may also give you the option of raising just the wind and hail deductible, but leaving a lower deductible on losses such as theft or fire.
  • When shopping for car insurance in Minnesota, consider raising your comprehensive and collision deductibles to a higher level to save money. Auto insurance costs less when you’re willing to pay slightly more out-of-pocket when you have a claim.
  • Some Twin Cities insurance agents are able to place your coverage with multiple companies. These are called independent agents and they are able to provide you with comparison quotes from many Minnesota insurance providers. This is the most efficient way to compare rates/companies.
  • To save money on your home insurance, consider installing a security or surveillance system. Some insurance companies in Minnesota will give you a break on your rates if you have a monitored security system installed. Check with your insurer prior to installing a system to see which systems they recommend.